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The low field NMR diffusometry and relaxometry laboratory was founded in 2007 and is associated with the Department of Physics and Chemistry in the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca.

The NMR laboratory is designed to study molecular dynamics at the interface or under confinement conditions inside porous media.

The systems under study are: polymeric nano and micro-capsules used as drug carriers, cement-based materials, liquids confined inside porous ceramics with controlled amount of magnetic impurities, polymers, liquid crystals, binary mixtures of fluids, ionic liquids, fuel cell membranes, etc.

Using NMR relaxometry and diffusometry techniques in the investigation of fluids confined inside porous media, it is possible to extract information about pore dimensions and pore connectivity. Other information refers to ageing and alteration processes of different materials such as rubber, polymers, lubricants or food.

In our laboratory, we are also interested in developing of new NMR techniques suitable for the investigation of systems with a high content of magnetic impurities (concrete, rocks, soils, different building materials).