Current members

Ardelean Ioan
Prof.dr. Ioan Ardelean – group leader
Short CV and publications.
Codruta Badea
Lecturer dr. Codruta Manuela Badea
Her scientific interest is focused on understanding the temperature effects on the hydration of cement based materials. The studies include NMR diffusion and relaxation measurements as a function of temperature. The NMR results are correlated with mechanical strength test of fabricated samples. CV and projects


Andrea Bede (Crețu) – PhD Student
Her research is focused on the production and characterization of high performance cement based materials containing nanoparticles. Resume. 
Cadar Calin
Calin Cadar – PhD Student
His research focuses on the production and characterization of graphene aerogels with various metallic addtions and their potential applications. Resume

Former members

Dr. eng. Alexandra Scurtu
Her research is focused on improving the elastic properties of concrete samples by using some silane compounds. The studies include the temperature influence on the hydration process and water absorption inside the porous sample.
Dr. Stanca Boboia
Her work is focused on manufacturing and characterization of new polymeric biomaterials with application in bone reconstruction. The NMR techniques are used here for monitoring the polymerization process and the pore size distribution.
Dr. Ruben Emanuel Nechifor
His research was focused on production and NMR characterisation of new polymeric nanocapsules to be used in drug delivery.
Muncaci Sergiu
Dr. eng. Sergiu Muncaci
His research was focused on understanding the role of the internal gradients in NMR diffusion and relaxation measurements. For that purpose the porous ceramics are produced with controlled amount of magnetic impurities and controlled pore size.
Dr. eng. Marius Alexandru Simina
His research was focused on NMR investigations and design of new high strength concrete samples.